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About Me

   I'm a game developer, artist, and programmer. I am also good at music and design. I love creating artwork for many years and start designing game levels and art assets. Around the same time, I started programming by making websites for myself and academic clubs for my high-school. I wanted to combine my art skills with my newly founded programming skills.

   I found a game engine called Unity3d and spend a long time training. I made several different games and published 5 iOS apps along the way. Now I use Unreal Engine and I make my own 3d models for use in my projects and future upcoming games.

C# Programming

I have been making C# apps and games for 3 years now and have created several projects over the years.

iOS Swift Programming

I develop some apps with Swift, and have released a few apps using Swift.

Android Java Programming

I also know Java programming, which I use to create applications for Android devices.

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