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Who we are

We are a group of app and game developers passionate about building the best educational apps and fun mobile games. Founded in 2017, our focus is on creating amazing apps that everyone can enjoy. Since we've started, we have created and published over 12 apps and counting for iOS and Android devices.

Our primary focus is to solve common problems in education by making functional and helpful apps that are scientifically proven to teach kids better than our competitors. The educational apps we create are designed with children in mind, so they are extremely simple to use and learn. Our solutions are based on scientific research so our apps are incredibly effective at teaching children. One of our apps, "I Can Tell Time" has been downloaded over 60,000 times by school districts all over the world, showing that app-based learning is a popular choice for many school administrations to pick.

We also create games for mobile platforms. Having experienced programmers and designers allows us to craft unique and enjoyable mobile game experiences, something that is rare in today's mobile app market. Our games are thoroughly designed so that they work for any mobile device and offer the best experience possible.

What do we do?

App Development

We have created over 12 apps for iOS and Android platforms. Our apps are designed to offer the best experience possible.

Game Development

Our game development team has created over 10 games for mobile platforms.

Web Development

We also create our own websites. Our clean and modern design reflect the high quality of our apps and games.

100,000+ Downloads

12+ Apps

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