ℹ️ about
🌟 Modern Programming is a mobile app development studio based in Texas. The studio was founded in 2016 and is managed by Chris DeWeese. Our focus is on creating awe-inspiring apps and game experiences for everyone. Since we started, we have developed and published over 200 apps 📱 with 150M downloads and counting for iOS and Android (as of 2024).
🎓 Our primary focus is to solve common problems in education. We make functional apps that are scientifically proven to teach children effectively. The educational apps we create are designed with children in mind, so they are simple to use and learn. Our solutions are based on scientific research, making our apps effective at teaching. One of our apps, “I Can Tell Time”, has been downloaded over 300,000 times 🌍 by school districts all over the world. App-based learning is a popular choice for many school administrations to pick.
🎮 We also create games for mobile platforms. With 7 years of programming and design experience, we craft entertaining experiences. The studio focuses on quality and user experience first. Our games are designed to work for any mobile device and offer the best experience possible.
🌱 Modern Programming is also striving to give back to the developer community. So in 2023, we launched Learn Hub. We create new written and video content that caters to all developers. Our courses are professional-grade, and we cover all difficulty levels for game design and mobile app development. Check out our courses on YouTube and Udemy!
🚀 By using the latest technology, the studio is creating the next generation of unique mobile experiences. All projects are produced by Chris DeWeese with no outside funding. If you enjoy one of my products or like what I do, consider sharing this website with your friends, co-workers, and family. I appreciate all the support that everyone provides, as I work on this company in my spare time. Thank you for reading.