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Many different game modes are available, with more to be added in future updates.


Play offline single-player or online with a friend!

About Anti Pong

Anti Pong is a new and unique take on the classic game of Pong.

Move your paddle up and down to dodge the balls bouncing on the screen. Balls that hit your paddle will take away bricks like Breakout. You have to try your best to avoid the ball, so the last person standing wins. Play offline single-player or with a friend. With many game modes, this game is perfect to fill in the passing time. How long can you last?

In single-player you play against a machine-learning opponent. Our Al learns from your unique playstyle, so it can play at your difficulty level. Over time, the Al develops its own play style, like a real player. It can play aggressively, or passively when it's losing. If the game feels too hard, we offer 3 difficulty settings. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore gamer, Anti-Pong provides a challenge for anyone.

Anti Pong offers many game modes too. Each game mode changes a simple mechanic, so anyone can jump into a new mode. With the new random mode, you can cycle between a random game mode on each play-through. Each mode offers endless hours of fun and comes with 3 difficulty settings.

This game is a mashup of Pong and Breakout. We wanted to take the best mechanics from each game and create a new game. The unique twists will challenge your understanding of the game. Anti Pong is still an arcade game at its roots, so it's simple for anyone to pick up and play. By dodging the ball, you fight to be the last one standing. Don't let the ball get behind your paddle, as it will break a lot of bricks. There's also an option to add more balls to the field, making the game a frantic dance of survival for both players.

The art is a tribute to the simple graphics of the original Pong and Breakout games. We wanted players to be familiar with the layout of the game. The minimalistic approach makes sure that important elements are visible at all times. The game also supports 120Hz refresh, so graphics look silky smooth on any device. The game also includes dark mode support.

Anti Pong is built for iOS, tvOS, and Android. The game is made in Unity, using the latest frameworks. The game is under 100MB and does not eat through your battery. We also support OLED displays, for more battery performance. On Apple TV, the game supports the default Apple TV remote. The game also supports iPads. All new for 2022, Anti Pong adds haptic feedback and spatial audio on supported devices. Feel the game with subtle feedback from every interaction. Now with spatial audio, sounds feel more immersive than before.

Supporting more languages is usually an afterthought for most games. Everyone worldwide should be able to enjoy Anti Pong, so we localized the game in 8 languages. Full language support is available for the following:
• English
• Spanish
• German
• French
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Italian
• Polish

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What do players say about Anti Pong?
Emperor Tiki


Fun take on one of the first games of all time, but with a thrilling twist.



It's new and great for sharing



The colors on this game are really vibrant, I love the rainbow pad it’s just so colorful and fun! Be warned it’s harder than it looks and it’ll have you hooked until you win and even then you’ll continue to play cause wining just once isn’t enough! Love it!



This game is fun to play with other players and it’s a very original concept. I can’t wait for new updates and further development to make this game even better!

Lucas Casto


For those who were looking for a Brazilian here, I found the game to be good, fun, light, no ads etc., good to play in the bathroom, at lunch, but it would be even better if it had more modalities because the game itself is that and only, but it's really fun to spend time 🤙🤙



This is a really fun game that will suit any ages!!

Rrrr Rrr


Honestly fun and incredibly interesting. Wish this was open source.

Daniel Lopez


It's ping pong but backwards: v It's okay to hang out and play with friends

Jeny to the Liz


Dang bro, this is rare to the rad. Keep it up dog



I bought it for the action, I liked it. A good time killer to pass the time. The idea is also good, there is a dark theme to play before bed. In general, I liked it very much, 5 stars.

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