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The simple graphics are made for audiences of all ages!

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About Ball Shooter

Ball Shooter is a challenging arcade game where you must avoid moving barriers. Shoot a ball between the gaps to score points. With arcade graphics and easy gameplay, Ball Shooter is an addictive game for anyone!

With a colorful background and vector graphics, the game looks good on any phone or tablet. The game also has 120Hz refresh, dark mode, and haptic feedback on supported devices.

Barriers are randomly generated, so there is a different level on each play-through. Did you hit a barrier? Watch a rewarded ad to get an extra life. All ads in the game are optional and do not interrupt gameplay. Try your skills and go for the top score on the Game Center leaderboard today! Invite your friends to compete in this fun arcade game.

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Nice Game And Like The New Update As Well Came Going!

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