Getting Started With Game Development

Game development with Unity3D

What are we going to cover?

First, we are going to download a game engine and start learning how to use it. In this tutorial, we will be using Unity. After you download the game engine, you'll need to know where to look for tutorials on how to use the game engine so you can start creating your games. Then, we are going to create our art, and for those who can't draw, we have provided links to websites that offer free art to use in your games. After we get the art into our game, we'll need music to make our game come to life. Once we finish, the last thing to do is to distribute our game through online stores so others can play. Good luck!

Game Engine

Start making any kind of game with Unity3D.

Unity Engine

Unity Technologies makes a game engine called Unity. With this engine, you can create beautiful and engaging 2D, 3D, VR, and AR games and apps. The full-featured editor lets developers create their content fast for almost any device. Unity is a great engine for beginner programmers in C#. The engine is used by millions of developers all over the world to create games and apps. 

Unity is more than just an engine though. The platform can help you achieve success by giving developers access to essential tools that boost productivity. With things like the Unity Asset Store, you can use thousands of assets to create content faster and easier. Unity Analytics offers important data on your player base and game performance so you can optimize your games to be more successful.


Learn, practice, and improve.

Unity Tutorials

Just downloading the game engine and other essential software isn't enough. You need to learn how to use the software effectively so you can create more complex projects in the future. Without watching tutorials, you will learn nothing new and be stuck in the same position. Copying code snippets from the internet will only let you go so far. There will eventually be a point where you don't understand what you're writing and don't know how to fix problems that arise. Keep learning whenever you can and experiment on your own. 

Tutorials are helpful, but only for a short while. Sure, it's easy to copy the code line by line as an instructor talks you through it, but you haven't learned anything unless you can successfully apply the knowledge that you have learned. If you only follow tutorials, in a few days you will have forgotten how to write the same code or whatever tasks that you need to do. 

Practice as much as possible and you will see progress. Keep in mind that you will never finish learning a game engine or how to code simply because the field is too vast to study completely in a lifetime. Start small projects and get in the habit of finishing them. Eventually, you will acquire the knowledge to create bigger games in the future.

Graphics and Art

Create stunning scenes and beautiful levels.

Graphics Unity Asset Store

If you know how to make your digital art, that is great and you can probably skip this section. If you don't you can either learn how to create art and 3d models on other websites like YouTube and other blogs. If you don't have the artistic hand, there are several places online that let developers get the art that they need for their projects. If you are using Unity, go to the Unity Asset Store. There is a lot of great assets there that you can download or buy and use in all your projects. If you'd like other places for free art, click the link below.


Implement music and sound effects.


The internet is full of great places to download free music and sound effects to use in any project. If you are interested in creating your music, look into a music creation software like Audacity. Otherwise, you can just google game audio online. Make sure the audio that you are downloading is royalty-free so you don't get copyright strikes. Click the link below for a great collection of game sounds online that are royalty-free.


Share your creations with the world!

Unity Multi Platform

After finishing your game, app, or any project, you might want to share it with the world. This can be for many reasons, such as making money or getting valuable feedback from other players. There are many great places where you can publish your games. Click the link below to go to, a free game market that is great for indie developers starting out making small games. 

Don't forget to ask people for feedback and share with friends. The more people that play your game, the more you'll learn from your audience. Sharing your games with social media is another effective way to get your game noticed.

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