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Bullet Time takes on a minimalist approach, while keeping game elements fun and engaging.

Endless Mode

Don't want to play our hundreds of levels? Play forever in our endless mode and compete for a high-score.

About Bullet Time

Aim the clock at another clock and shoot it down! It looks easy, but it's not. Bullet Time is a simple arcade game that is surprisingly engaging and addictive.

Bullet Time offers two game modes: "Endless" and "Quest" In Endless mode, you have to shoot down as many clocks as you can to get a high score. If you miss, you lose! See how well your skills stack up against your friends! In Quest mode, you have to beat levels in order, and the difficulty increases. Each level gets harder as you progress, and there are different level packs. Can you beat them all?

Can you beat everyone else in Endless mode? There is a leaderboard where you can compete against your friends. Get the highest score if you can! There are also achievements you can unlock in Quest mode.

Download Bullet Time today and put your skills to the test today!

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