I Can Count To Ten

I Can Count To Ten

Counting for children

About I Can Count to Ten

I Can Count To Ten is an easy to use app to help children learn to count to ten using their fingers. 

The app uses changing sounds, color, and animation to attract and maintain attention and encourages the child to mimic what they see on the mobile device screen. The user interface consists of a screen with a black background, and a set of 3-D animated hands in the foreground that look similar to the cartoon hands of mickey mouse. A repeating animation shows the progression of retracted and extended fingers from 1 to 10, and a voice speaks each number aloud as each finger extends or retracts. If the child interacts with the mobile device screen by tapping or swiping, the animation will react moving back, and forward. 

Although you can introduce the idea of numbers when your child is as young as 12 months by counting small sets of items like cookies, steps, and buttons, this app would be most beneficial to those children in the pre-operational stage of human development, approximately between the ages of two and seven years old. It is at this stage that children begin to understand, represent, remember, and picture objects in their mind without having it in front of them. It is also during this stage where they want to understand everything and begin to propose the questions of "why?" and "how come?" (Santrock 2014). 


Cartoon Graphics

The simple graphics are designed to get a child's attention and keep their focus in the app.

Counting Sounds

The app has a child saying the numbers, so your child knows how to say the number too.

What do users say about Count To Ten?

This is such a well made and amazing app. My kid loves this app. I would recommend anyone to download this app! 



My little brother loves it!!!! 



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