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Blocky adventure!

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Cartoon Graphics

Cartoon style world, and each character changes how the world looks!

Character Skins

Unlock new character skins in the store! Each character comes with a unique world theme too!

About Dodge The Blocks

Dodge the Blocks is a challenging arcade game where you must dodge red blocks for as long as possible. Collect coins while you move around the levels. These coins can be used to unlock new characters. With cartoon graphics and easy controls, Dodge The Blocks is for everyone!

Can you unlock all the characters? Put your skills to the test today! You can unlock over 20 unique characters. Each character comes with a special level theme, that changes the map. All characters can be unlocked with coins, no need for ads. Some characters are rarer than others, so play now to get your characters today.

The game gets harder over time when more blocks spawn in from all directions. Only the skilled player can last the longest. Look for patterns, and dodge all the blocks. This game is so simple and addictive, anyone can pick it up and play.

Dodge The Blocks features a cartoon-style world, where game elements are easy to read. Each character that you play will change the level. The simple graphics make this game fun for all ages.

Want a challenge? We have many achievements that can be unlocked and a leaderboard. Fight your way to the top of the leaderboard and compete with friends. Are you a completionist? Try your skills and unlock all the achievements.

Dodge The Blocks also offers in-game events, around the holidays. Play the game during events to unlock exclusive rewards, and special level themes. Get double or triple coins when you play.

Download Dodge The Blocks today and put your skills to the test!

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100+ ratings

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25k+ downloads
100+ ratings

What do players say about Dodge The Blocks?


This game is great when it comes to killing time! It’s meant for all ages and it can get pretty addicting when it comes to collecting the coins to unlock new characters. This game has potential and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for future updates! 👏🏼



This game is actually fun , it’s simple and I can see myself doing this on my free time for fun , my high school is 87! Idk if I can go higher but I will try :)



Weirdly addicting but really fun! Can’t wait for more block characters to come out!



Nice and simple. When all you have free is a few minutes, this app fills the void nicely.

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