Nightmares Shooter

Nightmares Shooter

👾 Survive the Night with Friends! 👾

Nightmares Shooter is an exhilarating co-op top-down shooter for up to 4 players. Step into the shoes of a child trapped in a nightmare, battling evil stuffed animals to survive until sunrise. Gather bricks to build defenses, collect coins to unlock new weapons and gear, and join forces with friends to face the horrors of the night. Download now and jump into the action!

🧸 Enemies

Fight off waves of sinister teddy bears and other possessed stuffed animals that have come to life in your bedroom. These toys are no longer your friends – they’re out to get you! Can you and your friends fend them off and defeat the nightmarish bosses lurking in the shadows?

🌟 Characters

Unlock a variety of characters as you progress through the game, each with unique abilities to aid in your survival. Participate in challenges and in-game events to earn exclusive skins and stand out from the crowd.

🔫 Weapons

Arm yourself with an array of creative weapons to combat the evil toys. From bubble guns that send enemies floating into space to freeze rays that slow them down, there’s a weapon for every playstyle. Need extra help? Call in green army soldiers for backup or hitch a ride on an RC car to mow down your foes.

🏰 Levels

Adapt and change the level as the game progresses. Use bricks to build forts and barricades to protect yourself from the relentless waves of enemies. Strategize with friends to create the ultimate defense setup and keep your room safe.

🎮 Game Modes

Nightmares Shooter offers a variety of game modes to keep the fun going. Dive into classic endless waves, take on formidable bosses, or try other challenging modes. No matter what you choose, you’ll find hours of exciting content. Prefer multiplayer? Play any game mode online with up to 4 friends in the same room.

🤝 Multiplayer

Enjoy co-op online multiplayer for up to 4 players. The game adjusts difficulty based on player count, ensuring a balanced challenge whether you’re playing solo or with friends. Create an account to save your progress and add friends. Remember, nightmares are less scary when faced together!

🎟️ Nightmare Pass

Introducing the Nightmare Pass, a season pass that offers exclusive new characters, weapons, levels, and extras. The Nightmare Pass is purely cosmetic and won’t affect gameplay, but players can also enjoy a free version with select rewards.

Download Nightmares Shooter today and see if you can survive the night! 🌙