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Designed For Kids

I Can Tell Time was designed with kids in mind, so everything about the app is easy and simple for kids to use.

Interactive Feedback

Changing the time on the clock will make the app read back the selected time out loud, so your child knows what time they are looking at.

About I Can Tell Time

I Can Tell Time is an educational app that teaches children how to read an analog clock. Over 100,000 children and students use I Can Tell Time worldwide. The app was designed by kids, for kids. Everything is simple to use, with no extra menus or features. Your child will learn how to read a clock in no time! Download our app and see why thousands of teachers and parents love I Can Tell Time. We have the most effective solution on the market today!

You can drag each clock hand and the digital display updates accordingly. When you select a new time, the app reads back the time in an engaging voice. Children can choose any time and read along with the app. Moving the minute hand will also move the hour hand, so users can see the relationship between hands.

I Can Tell Time uses natural language audio, so all times are easy to hear. By using a female voice, children remain engaged throughout the lesson. Users can also tap the digital clock to repeat the current time.

The app features a bright, attractive interface. By using vector art, everything looks crisp on any resolution. This helps keep our file size small and contributes a cartoon feel to the app. Clock hands are color coded to their digital counterparts, to highlight their relationships. The app mimics physical clocks that children are familiar with in their schools. We also support 120Hz refresh, so animations are more fluid than better.

New for 2022, I Can Tell Time is now localized in many languages. We want to extend our education apps to other countries, so today I Can Tell Time supports the following:
• English
• Spanish

Download I Can Tell Time on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Haptic feedback and dark mode are available by default on supported devices. Also supported for Portrait and Landscape orientations.

It's quick, simple, and addictive, your kids will love it. Download our app and see why thousands of teachers and parents love I Can Tell Time.

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What do users say about I Can Tell Time?
Great app


My kids love this app and it's a good way for them to learn how to tell time...add some more features to make it more nicer.this app has potential.

- ElReyAli10

Nice & Simple


My kids love it!

- B.DeWeese

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