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Cartoon Graphics

The simple graphics are designed to get a child's attention and keep their focus in the app.

Follow Along Sounds

The app has a child saying the letters, so your child knows how to say the letter too.

About I Like ABCs

I Like The Alphabet is an educational app made to teach ABCs to young children. This fun and interactive app displays the letters and a picture to go with each letter. The app reads aloud the letter, and the picture if the user taps it. Children follow along and make connections with the letters and the pictures. I Like ABCs is the most effective app to teach the ABCs. Your kids will love it.

Each letter comes with a cartoon image of something that goes with the letter. A is for Apple. B is for Bee. The app can read the letter and the picture aloud to the kid so they can follow along. With a simple swipe left or right, the student can cycle through the letters of the alphabet. This simple-to-use app is a favorite by students around the world.

We don't provide extra menus or settings, everything is focused on learning ABCs. No ads, in-app purchases, or distractions. You have access to the complete app right from the start. With exciting audio and pictures, children are engaged throughout the lesson.

Download I Like ABCs today and see why thousands of parents and teachers love the app!

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