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Can you survive the night?

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Cartoon Graphics

Nightmares Shooter takes on a cartoony approach, making the game fun for all ages!

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Need more firepower? Check out the store and unlock new weapons, characters, and power-ups!

About Nightmares Shooter

Nightmares Shooter is a co-op top-down shooter for up to 4 players. Defeat evil stuffed animals while playing as a child in a nightmare. Get bricks and build your defenses up with friends. Use coins to unlock new weapons and gear. Who can survive the nightmare until sunrise? Download today and play now!

Fight off teddy bears and stuffed animals in your bedroom. Your toys have come to life and evil has taken over! Fight them off in endless waves with your friends. Bosses also haunt the night, are you able to defeat them?

Collect new characters as you progress through the game. Each character has a special ability that can help you on your mission. Unlock exclusive skins by playing challenges and in-game events.

There are a variety of weapons you can use to defeat your evil toys. Use the bubble gun to make enemies float off into space, or a freeze ray to slow them down. Need extra support? Call in companions like green army soldiers or hitch a ride on an RC car.

The level can be changed as the game progresses. Use bricks to build a fort and defend yourself. Move around toys to build barricades from waves of enemies. It's up to you to decide how you want to defend your room.

Nightmares Shooter offers many different game modes too. Play the classic endless waves, or choose something more challenging like boss fights. Whatever you pick, Nightmares is packed with endless hours of fun content. Don't want to play alone? Go online and play any game mode with 4 friends in the same room.

We offer co-op online multiplayer for up to 4 players in the same room. The difficulty is adjusted by player count, so you can fight bosses together. By creating an account, you can save your progress and add your friends. Nightmares are better together, so invite your friends to play!

Introducing our new Nightmare Pass, this is a season pass that offers new content. Unlock exclusive new characters, weapons, levels, and extras. Nightmare Pass is purely cosmetic, so it doesn't affect gameplay. Players can also play through a free version of the Nightmare Pass without needing to upgrade.

Download Nightmares Shooter and survive the night!

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