Nightmares Shooter

Nightmares Shooter

Survival Shooter

About The Game

Nightmares Shooter is an action-packed top-down shooter with simple and easy to use controls. This game has no ads and no distracting elements. With unique game features such as a weapon shop, players are free to choose their own fighting style. Highly addictive gameplay and challenging enemies offer hours of fun!

In this action packed top-down shooter, you need to defend yourself from waves of evil teddy bears and bunnies that roam the night. Get points and unlock better gear so you can survive the night for as long as possible. Download and play for free today!

What do players say about Nightmares Shooter?

Game is AWESOME! More games like this please!

Awesome python                         


Please add more updates, more guns, plz 



Smooth graphics and it's fun! 



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