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Cartoon Graphics

UFO Puzzle features hand-crafted artwork throughout the levels.


Each level features it's own soundtrack, so you can enjoy lot's of custom music!

About UFO Puzzle

UFO Puzzle is a 2D-puzzle adventure game that is challenging yet rewarding. You need to collect gems in order to power your spaceship to go back home. Navigate through tens of difficult mazes and collect all the gems. Watch out for dangerous obstacles that cover each level! Once you complete the game, there is also an endless mode. Try your skills on randomly generated mazes for a new challenge. Highly addictive and fun game-play offers endless hours of fun.

Each level is designed by hand. Explore the mysterious environments as you collect enough gems to power your ship to go home. With cartoon graphics and fluid animations, UFO Puzzle looks beautiful on all devices. Also with optional 120Hz refresh, haptic feedback, and iPad support.

The controls are designed to be accessible and easy to use. Use the on-screen joysticks, gyroscope, or Apple TV remote to move your spaceship. UFO Puzzle can be played with one hand too, so it's perfect for that metro train commute to work!

In Endless mode, levels are procedurally generated. This provides hours of fun as there is an infinite number of levels. Explore new environments and put your skills to the test. Endless mode offers adjustable level size and difficulty, so it's perfect for anyone. With immersive music and sound, UFO Puzzle is a breathtaking game to play in your downtime.

Unlock new skins in our UFO store and show off your cool new ships. Skins can be unlocked by beating levels in Quest mode. This gives everyone an opportunity to unlock everything without needing to spend money.

Download UFO Puzzle today and help get your alien ship back home!

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