Modern Large Numbers

Modern Large Numbers

A simple API to create, add, and subtract large numbers up to 999.9 Quadragintillion, or 10^123 decimal places.

πŸ’‘ Easy To Use ― Modern Large Numbers was designed to flexible and easy to use. Simply create a large number the same way you would an int or float! Full source code is included, so you can modify the asset to suit any project’s needs.

πŸ’‘ Lightning Fast ― This lightweight asset has been highly optimized using the latest C# features and Unity optimization techniques, allowing you to add and subtract as many large numbers as you want, instantly. Enjoy the quickest performance with the lowest overhead costs.

πŸ’‘ Better Than Doubles ― We currently support the largest numbers ever, more than you can achieve with other assets, and even C# digit limitations. Modern Large Numbers is faster and more lightweight than native C# int calculations.

πŸ’‘ Comprehensive Demo ― Modern Large Numbers includes demo scenes that cover a wide range of use cases and each feature. These scenes are modeled to resemble real-life scenarios, with detailed description text of every component and setting being used.

πŸ’‘ World Class Support ― Like all of our other assets, Modern Large Numbers comes with regular lifetime updates, 24/7 email support, Discord community support, fully commented and clean source code, comprehensive demo scenes, and detailed documentation. Thank you to every who has provided feedback so far!

πŸ’‘ Integration ― No dependencies needed, works out of the box alongside your existing large number coding. Supported for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, WebGL, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Oculus, Android TV, tvOS, Nintendo Switch, ARCore, Google Stadia, Microsoft HoloLens, and Magic Leap. How’s that for ya?

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